Handstand And Mindset

Its very rare to have big “aha!” Moments in handstand training. The progress is almost imperceptible day to day so it takes a certain amount of perseverance and patience to stay the course over the months and years it takes to really make change. Thus many give up before enough time has been given for growth and development of their handstand practice

Relating to this what I often see especially in adults is the need to completely intellectualize everything to the extreme.

Thought, intention and a process is critical but It is through the daily physical exploration that your body will figure things out. It is much smarter than you are. If this was not the case we could all read a book on advanced handstands and suddenly be performing one arms the next day.

Its also why I often say that a teacher is more of a guide, someone to help expose you to certain feelings, sensations and concepts in handstand classes but unable to hand over to you a platter of skills or say a bunch of esoteric words that suddenly make you the next Michael Jordan of inversions

PRACTICE, explore and research that is where the magic happens.

Most importantly make sure you are ENJOYING your handstand practice.