Regular Joes, Yogis, Fitness People, Gym Goers And Movers, Get Upside Down With Confidence.



-Eliminate the fear of falling over

-Learn to kick up into and balance a solid handstand.

-Strengthen the wrists, shoulders and body for faster progression and safety.

-Learn simple drills to correct alignment and achieve a straight handstand shape (which is the the foundation for further progression and more advanced skills).

-Learn to increase the time you can hold a handstand and build the confidence and skill necessary to leave the wall behind and be able to handstand anywhere.

-For the more advanced student learn alternate shapes, different entries into handstands, presses to handstand, side movement in handstand and the preparation for one arm handstands.



It may seem like the black magic of body weight skills but the steps to achieving a rock solid handstand are anything but shrouded in mystery.

Furthermore you need not spend 5 hours a day handstand training and be ushered into the circus at age 3 to enjoy the benefits and joy of being upside down on your hands. 

The truth is almost anyone can learn. And a successful practice session can be done in as little as 30-60 minutes using the tried and tested principles, methods and training techniques of professional hand balancers.



After watching an amazing yogi do a handstand press, handstands have been a personal challenge and obsession of mine for the last 3 years. After mild success I searched for a coach to help lift me higher. Handstand training with Sundi has taken my practice and ability to the next level! 


I have seen more progress in the last few months then the last three years!! He is extremely skilled in his craft, humble, patient with an expert eye for detail. An epic teacher! Expect your results to match the work that you put in! - Dustin Brown. Warrior One Yoga.



My first 6 weeks intensive course under Sundi’s teachings has been inspiring and most definitely transformative.

As a teacher, Sundi has a skillful way in making the learning process both fun and effective, maintaining a strong focus on guiding each student through individualized progressions and personal goals, while keeping it all happening in a small group context.


Sundi knows how to give just the right amount of challenge and work with tact, composure and a lot of encouragement. He lives and breathes his practice and this is why I look up to him as an invaluable teacher.

What I enjoyed most during the intensive course was witnessing everyone (including myself) make noticeable progress and become increasingly more dedicated to the work as the weeks went by! I felt both nurtured and challenged in the process of learning - which is perhaps the most ideal environment I could wish to find myself in, to move and create. With an eye for precision, Sundi is dedicated in giving his students the tools required to set up the right habits from the start, I would highly recommend his teaching to anyone interested to start or enrich their hand balancing practice.



I sought out Sundi's coaching as I was preparing for the grueling audition to get into NICA (national institute of circus arts). We worked twice per week for 3 months to prepare my body, mind and technique for the handstand portion of the audition.

The results speak for themselves. I started off with an absolute maximum of 20 sec for my best handstand (when I could actually get up and hold it) and with very average shape, consistency and control.


Now after only 3 months of hard training following Sundi’s guidance and expert tuition I am able to kick-up into a and hold a solid straight handstand for 1 min with great consistency and in a far more pleasing alignment, I also went from barely being able to straddle up or tuck up into a handstand to being able to complete 10/10 of both entries in a row in my audition. I also greatly exceeded my previous wall hold endurance time on the same day too due to the programming I was provided with.

I am extremely happy with my results. Sundi is a fantastic teacher, very methodical with great attention to detail. He is also very committed personally to his students progress and well being.

I give sundi my highest recommendation to those wanting to learn to handstand or for pushing the boundaries of their existing skill set.

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Sundi Pereira

Benefit from the countless of hours of intensive training I have completed learning from some of the most trusted and respected practicioners In the hand balancing community to fast track your progress.

I have spent half a decade researching and road testing the very best of handstand practices and techniques Sought out from world class hand balancers and coaches.

Two years training full time under Australia’s top acrobatic trainers and authorities at Australia's largest circus school NICA (The National Institute of Circus Arts) specialising in handstands has shown me what simply works and what does not.

I have synthesised these teachings and this wisdom into a simple and fool proof training approach that will get you into a free standing handstand and beyond in a very safe and efficient manner.






Private Handstand Lessons

The quickest way to progress your handstand practice. Working one on one we will assess your strength, flexilibity, technique, goals and then implement a training program to get you there. Includes programming and video analysis.


Handstand Short Courses

The 6 week handstand kick-starter. Working in a group of 6 students we will explore all  necessary methods of establishing a healthy an sustainable handstand practice. Suitable for all levels, Individualized and tailored to suit each student within the group.

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